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Nearing the end of my pregnancy, I haven’t done near as many sessions, including pics of my own kids! It’s kinda sad. Had to post these of my babies in Hawaii. Sometimes shooting other people, I am so concerned with the lighting and clarity of the photos- but not so much when shooting my own kids. So often, the photos I shoot when I’m not being a perfectionist turn out so much cooler! Love these boys more than anything.

Baby Blake

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First of all, LOOK AT HER HAIR. Prettiest baby girl. I was just in love. Unfortunately, her mom is a little in love too and is a slight baby hog (I can say that cause she is my bff). Anyways, I loved doing this shoot in their home. There is just something about photos taken in someone’s own home. Makes them more real and honest than anything else ever could. And real is the best, if you ask me.